Key Performance Indicators Survey Open Until Aug. 15

We are continuing to move forward on efforts to track, measure, and tell the story of Colorado’s Industry Sector Partnerships. This year’s survey will be open through August 15. To learn more please see a full explanation here.

  • Any businesses involved with a Colorado sector partnership may fill out a business-oriented survey here.
  • Conveners for sector partnerships that did not receive a 2016 grant award may fill out one survey per partnership here.
  • Conveners for sector partnerships that did receive a 2016 grant award may fill out one survey per partnership here.

Thank you to everyone who contributed during last year’s experimentation phase. We now have early evidence that our partnerships have helped Colorado’s businesses thrive, helped students and jobseekers make informed decisions about training and education, and helped bring alignment and coordination across programs.


Tech Talent Forums

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Tech Talent Forums in May and June.

Hosted by the Colorado Technology Association, Colorado Workforce Development Council, and the Colorado Community College System, the forums provided an opportunity for regional business leaders to develop industry-led agendas for preparing a strong technology workforce. Education and training partners also participated to better understand industry’s highest priority workforce needs.


The Time is Now! Sector Partnerships and Career Pathways are Growing Colorado’s Talent Pipeline

The Time is Now from Emily Lesh on Vimeo.

2015 SOCOM Expo a Success

Check out this local coverage of the 2015 SOCOM Expo in Colorado Springs:


The Southern Colorado Manufacturing Expo & Conference was an exciting event conceived to showcase the Pikes Peak Region’s growing manufacturing sector and connecting manufacturers, suppliers, service, and capital.  Students and job seekers had the opportunity to talk face-to-face with representatives from leading employers about growing career opportunities in manufacturing. Congrats to the Pikes Peak Manufacturing Partnership on the success of the event!

Northern Colorado Manufacturing Partnership Makes Impact

Take a look at this recent press release featuring a Colorado sector partnership that was launched following Sectors Summit: The Next Generation.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. manufacturing sector has turned a corner. For the first time in over 10 years, output and employment are growing steadily. Manufacturing output has grown 38 percent since the end of the recession, and the sector accounts for 19 percent of the rise in real gross domestic product (GDP) since then. Through May, the sector has added 646,000 jobs, and manufacturers are actively recruiting to fill another 243,000 positions.

The NoCO Manufacturing Partnership is celebrating this success and more during Manufacturing Week, September 29 to October 4. The group of more than 50 northern Colorado manufacturing companies and 20 public partners established the Manufacturing Partnership in 2013 to address common issues in the industry.

The partnership has identified three key areas for collaboration: networking and local supply chain issues, changing the perception of the industry and developing vocational/technical skills as a career pathway for youth and adults in transition. The partnership has private and public partners working together to address the key areas. Their mission statement is: “Partners working passionately to ensure Northern Colorado Manufacturers and our Communities thrive.”

Paul Harter, President/CEO of Aqua Hot Heating Systems, Inc., is serving as the private industry coordinator for the partnership.

“In the past year the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership has demonstrated the power of public and private entities working together. We’ve already had great success in reaching out to students, working with educators, and becoming better connected as an industry,” said Harter.

The partnership has hosted industry “In-Site Tours” at Whip Mix, Woodward and New Belgium Brewing with a tour planned at Aqua Hot Heating Systems in October. As well, the partnership hosted plant tours for high school students in April with the plans of continuing to provide hands-on, interactive opportunities for students to learn about manufacturing as a career.

“The time I’ve put into this partnership over the last year has already paid me back ten times over,” said Harter.

The partnership has provided a tremendous opportunity for individual companies to share resources and as they promote manufacturing throughout the region. And according to Harter, they have already been successful. “No dues, no politics, just professional men and women working together to advance a vital part of our economy and way of life – that’s the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership.”

To learn more about the partnership, contact Lynn Vosler, Director of Workforce Development at Front Range Community College, at lynn.vosler@frontrange.edu.

Leveraging Colorado’s sector partnerships
to ensure industry-driven talent development

About Toolkit Coaching

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Packed with breakout sessions and interactive panels, this groundbreaking event on May 19-21, 2014 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center helped prepare Coloradans for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The Sectors Summit II focused on:

  1. Continuing to grow and expand sector partnerships across Colorado.
  2. Utilizing sector partnerships as the vehicle to develop industry-driven career pathways in Colorado.

What are Career Pathways?

A career pathway is a series of connected education and training programs, work experiences, and student support services that enable individuals to secure a job or advance in a demand industry or occupation.

What is a Sector Partnership?

A sector partnership is an industry specific regional partnership led by business in partnership with economic development, education, and workforce development.

Nationally, businesses that actively participate in sector partnerships report:

  • 41%        reduction in turnover
  • 84%        significant increases in productivity
  • 100%     participation in a sector partnership was valuable

Who Attended?

Workforce, education, industry, and economic development professionals as well as any partners focused on the talent needs of a particular industry. This includes anyone involved in or wanting to be involved in a regional sector partnership or career pathway development.

If you attended Sectors Summit II: Growing the Talent Pipeline and are interested in receiving a list of names and email addresses from other attendees, please email cwdc@state.co.us to request a copy.

Attendees walked away with:

  • Real Connections with Industry Leaders
  • Innovative Tools & Solutions to Use Today
  • Fresh Ideas and Industry Knowledge

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