Sectors Summits

The CWDC and Skillful (an initiative of the Markle Foundation) are honored to have co-sponsored the 2017 Sectors Summit. Thank you to our partners whose teams worked tirelessly to plan and execute the 2017 TalentFOUND Sectors Summit focused on accelerating work-based learning through competency-based hiring, education, and training. The Summit had four segments — industry, postsecondary, education, and workforce – lead agencies for each put together remarkable work sessions where participants learned from subject matter experts and from each other. The turnout and the commitment of attendees in staying engaged and working right up to the end was impressive. The final report outs were creative, thoughtful, and demonstrated the incredible actions communities can make with collaborating across systems. 

A big thank you to hosts, sponsors, attendees, and everyone who partnered on the 2017 Sectors Summit to make it a success! Partners from industry, workforce development, economic development, and education and training, convened in Keystone, Oct. 15-17, to share ideas and best practices across regions and segments. The approach included focusing on:

  • Being industry-led and competency-based
  • Partnering
  • Being a WBL community

Outcomes include:

  • Launched the definition and illustration of Colorado’s WBL continuum
  • Introduced the definition of a “thriving WBL community”
  • Announced creation of WBL community of practice
  • Coalesced segment WBL plans into regional plans
  • Validated the importance of sector strategies
  • Published an updated list of terms to enable stronger alignment between partners
  • Advanced the WBL work of two key state strategic partnerships – Skillful and CareerWise
  • Launched the Colorado Talent Champion Awards.  

Nearly 550 participants walked away with an increased level of transparency and awareness of WBL, more clarity on key next action steps and Colorado’s talent development network grew and was strengthened. Access resources from the Summit.