Apr 24

2017-2018 Sector Partnership Consultative and Financial Technical Assistance Grants

The CWDC Sectors Steering Committee is offering consultative and financial technical assistance (TA) for existing, qualifying sector partnerships that are actively implementing the Colorado sector partnership model. 

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To apply for technical assistance for 2017-18, complete the application which has three required parts:

  • Tell Us About Your Sector Partnership
  • Tell Us About Your Consultative Technical Assistance Needs
  • Tell Us How You Plan To Use The Technical Assistance Grant

Start the Application

All applications must be received by May 9, 2017 at 5 p.m. in order to be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact us at CWDC@state.co.us, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Oct 27

2016 Colorado Sector Partnership Key Performance Indicator Results

Colorado’s Network of Sector Partnerships

  • 21 Partnerships Across Colorado:
    • 11 health & wellness
    • 7 manufacturing
    • 1 tourism and outdoor recreation
    • 2 Food and agriculture
  • 86% of partnerships implemented joint or shared projects and collectively made decisions across community partners (education, workforce development, economic development, etc.)
  • 81% of partnerships resulted in increased collaboration around talent development across community partners.
  • Nearly every active or emerging sector partnership increased participation by businesses in the target industry and region, as well as education, training, and student/job seeker support organizations (K-12, postsecondary, workforce programs, etc) over the last year.

Impact on Students and Job seekers

  • 76% of partnerships increased participation by education, training and student/job seeker support organizations (K-12, postsecondary, workforce programs, other).
  • 71% of partnerships increased student/job seeker awareness of training/education programs.
  • 62% of partnerships experienced increased program alignment across secondary, postsecondary, and/or workforce programming.
  • 67% of partnerships enhanced existing or developed new training/education program(s).

Impact on Businesses

  • 82% of sector partnerships have businesses that have developed new or enhanced ideas for new products and/or markets as a result of their participation in the partnership.
  • 91% of sector partnerships have businesses that have found support in finding employees with the skills and experiences their business needs as a result of their participation in the partnership.
  • 62% of businesses experienced improvements in HR policies and/or employee development practices.
  • 82% of sector partnerships have businesses that have developed new recruitment practices* as a result of their participation in the partnership.
  • 64% of sector partnerships have businesses that have established new or enhanced contracts as a result of their participation in the partnership.

Testimonies from businesses across Colorado:

“I truly believe that I can get expert advice on a wide range of business issues from mentors that care about my success.”

“Innovative ideas result from unexpected conversations due to interaction with local professionals.”

“A collaborative environment within manufacturing locally is helping our company to speed turnaround time on quote packages and improve the accuracy of the costing prior to winning a job.  This is because we are working with partner companies we are familiar with and whom are familiar with our capabilities.”

“This partnership fills in the gaps and provides the glue for the health care industry in our region.”

“We have seen much better candidates for skilled positions.”

Impact vs. Process Metrics

Both are important. Further information clarifying the difference can be found here. 



Jul 14

$348,000 in Grants Awarded to Colorado Sector Partnerships

The CWDC is excited to announce the award of 13 grants to support active or emerging sector partnerships across Colorado. The partnerships identify workforce needs and solutions that will keep business strong, creating better opportunities for job seekers. A total of $348,000 was awarded among groups who have demonstrated use of Colorado’s sector partnership model to support the expansion of sector partnerships across the state.

Jul 05

Colorado’s Collaborative Approach to Apprenticeships Highlighted at White House’s Reach Higher Conference

In June, Colorado’s work was spotlighted at the Reach Higher national conference during a breakout session featuring the CWDC, BASIC, and the BEL Commission and the collaborative effort to launch a statewide apprenticeship model.

The convening was hosted by the White House in partnership with the Colorado Department of Education and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Noel Ginsberg, co-chair of the BEL Commission, spoke on a panel of industry thought leaders, addressing the need for coordination and alignment between business and education. Panelists included executive leadership from Arrow Electronics, Lockheed Martin, and Western Union.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit Springs Fabrication, a Colorado Springs manufacturing shop, highlighting the work of CAMA South (formerly Pikes Peak Manufacturing Partnership).

The sessions received positive reviews for exposing other states to models and frameworks to bridge business and education and improve outcomes for students.

Jun 30

Tech Talent Forums

Regional Tech Talent Forums were conducted in May 2016 in six regions with more than 40 employers offering their knowledge and insight during these discussions. 58 public partners participated and are working to respond to businesses needs to help build a more robust IT talent pipeline.

Forums identified critical job functions that most impact employers’ long-term competitiveness; typical job families and paths to progression within and across occupations; key competencies required to perform effectively in critical occupations; potential actions that would address priority talent gaps; informing the development of a regional career pathways action plan; and where deeper discussion is warranted.

The information gathered at the forums will be reflected on updated career pathway maps on the Careers in Colorado website discussed below.

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